Jane Brettle

'naturally not'

from Luminous 1996/97

Developed during 1996 with the support of a Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Award this gallery installation considered the architecture and original function of the venue in relation to gender and the body.

The Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art had once been a large department store. In this installation the artist re-establishes the original huge plate glass windows into the building as projection screens, introducing elements of figurative classical ornamentation but using real women as actors.

This was one of three commissions made by Visual Arts UK, The Northern gallery for Contemporary Art and the City of Sunderland.

Medium: Part 1: Glass window with sandblasted centre screen, Laser disk back projection from video.

Part 2: Sandblasted glass column. Two laser disk back projections from digitally animated still photographs.

Dimensions: Glass window: 6mts x 3mts. Centre screen: 4mts x 3mts. Glass column: 3mts x 75cms. Projection on top of column: 1mt x 75cms.