Jane Brettle


Public Bodies - Private States


Locate Public Bodies - Private States was an artists’ Project in association with the Collins Gallery, University of Glasgow, a major collaborative project between exhibiting artists and a group of writers, cultural theorists and professional practitioners. The project included an Exhibition, Site Specific Works, a Conference and a Publication.

My work took the form of an installation on the façade of the Stirlings Library, Glasgow (now the Gallery of Modern Art) and an installation at the Collins Gallery. These works attempt to collude with our image saturated experience of the city - transcending the private, more cerebral space of the gallery/museum into the public arena, blurring the boundaries between public/private and institution/city as purveyor of experience. Using images and text these works suggest a body shaped by the discourse of the institution.

(dis)Location 1 and (dis)Location 2 were shown in association with Angel Row Gallery and Nottingham Castle Museum, Nottingham in January/February 1994:

Medium: Site Specific Work: Scanachrome on vinyl mesh from dyed, Xeroxed, silver print from computer generated images. Dimensions: Each element. 7mts x 1mt 40cms.

Medium: Gallery installations: Photographic silverprints and dyed silverprints on mdf using Perspex and architectural bolts. Dimensions: From. 113cms x 86.5cms to 210cms x 180cms.

Work from Locate is in the MAG Collection: Ferens Art Gallery, Hull.